Magát a feladatsort pdf-ben letöltheted és ki is nyomtathatod innen: All verb tenses exercise I


1. Supermarkets open at 8 o’clock and close at 9 o’ clock.

2. Yesterday I bought a yellow T-shirt and a black cardigan.

3. Me and my husband will be lying  on the beach in the Bahamas this time next week.

4. They were having dinner when the lightning struck a tree.

5. By next autumn Jill will have completed the beginner’s computer course.

6. Kyle and Noah had been waiting for 3 hours, when the bus finally arrived.

7. My mother and father have been painting the house all the morning.

8. Tomorrow I am seeing my dentist, I have just fixed an appointment.

9. – How long have you been waiting for me?

– For 2 hours.

10. He sometimes plays tennis on Fridays.

11. What were you doing at 4 pm yesterday?